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Last Frontiers in Quantum Information Science Workshop

July 04, 2016

It’s been a while since I have last written, hasn’t it? Part of the reason is I attended the “Last Frontiers in Quantum Information Science” (LFQIS) workshop in Juneau, Alaska, last month, and was busy doing research and writing my talk. I took so...

Marking Time: My Grad School Workload

May 27, 2016

Going into graduate school, I didn’t really have a good sense of how much time grad students spend “working”. One would suspect it has to be quite a bit, if only because the stereotype of “in the lab or office from sunup to well past sundown” is ...

Seeing What We Expect to See

May 13, 2016

Note: I submitted a variant of the text below as a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Lobo, UNM’s Student Newspaper.

On the Nature of Activism

May 10, 2016

Note: Recently, there has been a campaign from several activist groups to change the UNM seal. The text below is based on a piece I wrote to send to the UNM Board of Regents.

Three Questions

May 08, 2016

When I first started out in grad school, my schedule was often dictated by the classes I was taking or TA-ing, and it wasn’t too difficult to know what needed to be done. Between atttending my classes, doing homework, teaching labs/courses, gradin...

Why I Do Research

April 28, 2016

As mentioned in an earlier post, the idea of doing research has appealed to me from a young age. Anybody doing their PhD, or working in an academic capacity, has an answer to “So, why do you do research?”. For me, some reasons include:

2016 SQuInT Workshop

February 29, 2016

Been a while, hasn’t it? These past couple of months have found me busy with research and whatnot, hence a lack of writing.

2015 in Review

December 28, 2015

With the end of the year upon us, I wanted to take a little bit of time and look back. Overall, 2015 was a good one, with a lot of growth and learning taking place.

On Heart

November 26, 2015

During middle and high school, I participated on my school’s cross-country team. It was not an intentional act on my part - after one PE session when we had to do some running, the teacher suggested I talk to the cross country coach about joining....