A Few Announcements


Hope you are doing well, all things considered. I wanted to share a couple of updates with you.

First, I released another paper. This work, “Application-Motivated, Holistic Benchmarking of a Full Quantum Computing Stack”, was the result of a collaboration between myself and UK-based startup Cambridge Quantum Computing. Do check it out! If you find any typos or other issues, please let me know.

Second, I have joined the Advisory Board of the Unitary Fund, “a non-profit working to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people.” I am humbled and honored to be working alongside a great set of people to help advance the quantum computing community. I had been informally advising the Fund for about a year, and found the work very rewarding.

Third, I am proud to be lead organizer for a quantum software workshop in October! This workshop is co-located with the IEEE Quantum IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering 2020 (QCE20). Software for Quantum Applications, Algorithms, and Workflows is an opportunity for the quantum software community to come together and learn about the latest developments. My co-organizer, Donny Greenberg, and I are very excited to see what comes of this. We have a great lineup of speakers, and hope you’ll join us! You can register for QCE20 (and the workshop) here.