With the 4th quarter concluding today, I figured it was time to update my working hours post. See the original post for updated graphics.

Unlike what I observed in my Q2 or Q3 update posts, a comparison of the numbers for the same quarter in 2016 shows that I worked slighly more hours this quarter. That’s encouraging!

Quarter 2016 2017 Change (hours, y/y) Change (percent, y/y)
1 411.25 282.75 -128.5 -31
2 362.25 294.25 -68 -19
3 311.75 311.00 -0.75 -0.24
4 259 297.25 38.25 +15

It is true that cumulatively, I worked more hours in 2016. Looking ahead to 2018, I’m optimistic improvement will occur. In particular, I’ll be wrapping up my PhD, which means I’ll need to focus a lot of time on thesis-writing and related activities.