With the 3rd quarter behind us, I figured it was time to update my working hours post. See the original post for updated graphics.

Unlike what I observed in my Q2 update post, a comparison of the numbers for the same quarter in 2016 shows that a comparable number of hours were worked. That’s encouraging, although I’m just a little surprised (it feels as though I have been working more…).

Quarter 2016 2017 Change (hours, y/y) Change (percent, y/y)
1 411.25 282.75 -128.5 -31
2 362.25 294.25 -68 -19
3 311.75 311.00 -0.75 -0.24

How Q4 could turn out is unclear. I’m approaching the end-stage of my PhD, which typically means more time is spent working on research (to get results), writing papers (to support post-doc/job applications), and putting together a thesis (to graduate!).