With the 2nd quarter behind us, I figured it was time to update my working hours post. See the original post for updated graphics.

As a separate (and useful) exercise, I compared the numbers for Q2 to Q1 of 2017, as well as to Q2 of 2016. Compared to Q1 of 2017, hours were up about 4%. However, compared to Q2 of 2016, hours are down 19%! It’s not entirely clear why productivity has tapered off this year; I suspect my participation in the Graduate and Professional Student Association’s Finance Committee may have had something to do with it. (During the spring, we were creating the FY 2018 budget for the Association, which took quite a bit of time.)

As the table below makes clear, productivity definitely suffered:

Quarter 2016 2017 Change (hours, y/y) Change (percent, y/y)
1 411.25 282.75 -128.5 -31
2 362.25 294.25 -68 -19

On the plus side, I will not be participating as a Representative or committee member in the GPSA this fall, which will free up some hours in the last half of Q3 and all of Q4. This quote from my 2016 post seems to describe the situation well:

As the saying goes, if you do not measure it, you cannot improve it.

With this information, I now know that I need to increase my efforts in doing productive research. That’s definitely a step in the right direction, and could only happen because of a willingness on my part to collect this kind of data about myself.