If you’re looking for some books to put on your summer reading list, I suggest you check out the ones below. (FYI, I don’t receive any commissions if you choose to buy them through the embed links.)

As we develop artificially intelligent beings, will they be the last thing we ever create? Barrat considers the darker side of AI development - what happens when they escape our control?
A thought-provoking book on the future of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and the civilization we've built. As we develop artificially intelligent beings, how will our philosophies of what it means to be human change? Harari takes a sweeping view of the history of our species, and provides useful context for today's debates about our society.
Based on a course Thiel taught at Stanford, this book argues that the hardest part about creation is the act of bringing it into the world - of going from zero to one. Further, this book reads as a critique on our current way of thinking about technological progress - it's not all computers and silicon!
Taking the contrarian view that innate talent does not determine success, Colvin examines how hard work and determination play a much larger role in the creation of superstars.
Every day, we exert power over other people - sometimes overtly, but more often than not, covertly. Greene distills from historical figures 48 laws we should abide by in doing so. The book itself is typeset and laid out beautifully, and its lessons, useful.

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