A New Website Theme!


One of my projects this year for the website was to migrate to a more modern, clean, and responsive theme. After taking a look at several, I settled on Minimal Mistakes, a commonly-used theme. Don’t let the fact that it’s popular fool you - it offers a great deal of flexibility, which I liked. In addition, the default behavior works for the kind of site I have, and so there was little customization as far as the styling was concerned.

The main issue I ran into was the actual migration itself. In particular, I wanted to move to the theme without having to copy/paste a lot of files. To that end, I created a new branch, theme, on which I could track the master branch of the Minimal Mistakes Github repository. This way, if I ever wanted to update the theme, I could checkout the theme branch, and do git pull to incorporate changes. Actually doing that was not the hard part - it was re-setting the rest of the site to use the right keywords and YAML front matter to interface with the theme!

If you discover any issues on the site - text that doesn’t look quite right, or formatting that seems off - please let me know, and I’ll fix it.