Recommended Reading - 2016


Some books I read this year and think you might like to check out.

(FYI, I don’t receive any commissions if you choose to buy them through the embed links.)

A great biography of one of my favorite entrepreneurs. If you want to understand how it is we are influenced while making decisions. See my review here.
I picked this up accidentally at UNM's Parish Library, and am glad I did! Leaders need to lead people, not numbers. This book discusses how to do so, and why that kind of leadership is necessary for sustained organizational success. "Extreme ownership" means taking responsbility for everything associated with you and your team. This book describes how Willink and Babin learned to exercise extreme ownership while in the armed services, and what insights into organizational leadership they found while doing so.
As a collection of essays written to assess and critique the Counterculture of the 1960s, some of the topics are a bit dated. I have found it helpful when thinking about the so-called Regressive Left. Most scientific presentations lack aesthetic beauty. Garr's book shows how to create more informative slides while also enhancing their looks.

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